Monday, February 4, 2013

Going to Hollywood, my way #2

Los Angeles - second time for a month. This time I'll be short.

Another whole month is after me and I'm soon coming back to Slovenia. I've been in Los Angeles since the beginning of 2013 and now this first trip is coming to an end. We already kind of knew we'll come back here in August 2012 when we spent our first month here. For the second time now this place is already becoming kind of a home for us.

This time here was also a friend of ours - Peter Bizjak. He's a Slovenian film director and we went on some meetings together. Well, we hung out a lot - but that's what happens when you find Slovenian blood in such a distant country.

Our initial plan and purpose to come back to LA so quickly was to shoot a short film - Astronaut, a short I wrote a while ago, but needed some retouching. Sadly enough we didn't finish our primary goal, because there were some changes in Haritude team. Hopefully one day this script will come to life and it won't take the sad path as The Sky is Not so Far (in Slovenian: Bolha in teleskop) did.

When we realized we won't shoot a film this month we focused on meeting new people. Networking became number one priority on our daily schedule, so we attended different meetups, went for gallery openings and arranged few meetings with people we got to know via our friends.

Meeting new people is a tricky thing. America is an optimistic place, but after a while it often leaves you alone and without people you can rely on. I'm happy I know friends here I can always rely on, but at the same time I know I have to be cautious. Not everyone who smiles at you and promises you great favors on the first day is going to be your friend tomorrow.

We started work on our summer project too - and we searched for a fantasy screenwriter. I hope we found the right one and that this summer a cute or scary short fantasy film will be shot. That's what I really want to do besides travelling. Watch out for 2013 - it's going to be quite interesting for Haritude Ventures.

The last day of our stay here in LA we're premiering For Henry Only, a short film we shot back in August. It's my first film with native English (American?) speaking actors and I hope it turns out to be a fun short film.

Now that I'm going back to Slovenia. I kind of don't want to return to a country where everyone is talking about corrupt politicians, where people try to kill Christians and where people are not that optimistic about the future. America never scared me with its guns and insane individuals, now Slovenia is kind of scaring me. But it's my country after all - and I love it either way.

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Anonymous said...

David, odlično!
Upam, da ti poleti uspe ... in nasploh! :)
Mi je pa dal zadnji odstavek misliti ... Grozljivo, a resnično. Žal. In lepo, da jo imaš še vedno rad - kljub vsemu.