Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Going to Hollywood, my way #1

It's not my first time here in Los Angeles. I've been here two years ago with my brother, but this time it's different. Last time it was all about seeing the country, experiencing the great roads of America and see as much as possible. This time Los Angeles is not just another city to see in a long long trip but it means business.

As harsh as it sounds it's not so all so serious. Actually it's better that I expected.
My hopes for this trip to the heart of filmmaking world weren't high. It's still more than two weeks to go, but I'd like to share few thoughts about how I feel here with you.

If diary would be talking to me:
"David, probably you're a little overwhelmed by how much stuff is happening here connected to film in LA. I've heard you've met some wonderful people and that there are some good and bad things about everything.
You're sometimes naive and you know it. It's good that you recognize it, because that way it's harder for people to say to you that."

I can't continue writing like that. Dear diary, let me take the word. I'll continue my way.

Up until now things have been great. I'm in the Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion after all. And I feel great about that name. What is actually my plan for Los Angeles and why do I want to be here? You know, sometimes I just go the way I feel is the one for me. I don't think that much. I love Slovenia, I love working there and I've been passionate about almost all the projects I've worked on there. But all that time I feel like I'm heading this way.

I think that is kind of a blessing for me too. I will not be disappointed if I don't make it here. I'm in the search of truth and happiness and this is the way I feel at the moment that is bringing me there.

Take life with a positive attitude. I've travelled with passion and joy all my life. Well, maybe I didn't like some trips to the sea when I was little, but traveling is the way I see the world through. As long as I move around I feel I'm alive. Los Angeles could be just giving me that feeling, but after few weeks here I feel like I'll return to this place more and more often.

Talking to Californian people is sometimes so easy. There have been a lot of random people who we have met on buses, street, waiting for bus or when chilling in Bank of America with cool AC.

There was one guy who we have met just by coincidence. Let's call him Harry. He asked me whether I'm waiting in line for the accountant and I said no. Then I explained him I'm there just because it's much cooler in there than waiting outside for a bus on hot sun. Then we started talking.

He explained us his long life story, he was talking about when he was a private, how he met Eisenhower and about all the year he had worked in a large company. He called like 30000 people in his lifetime. When we explained him we want to move to the States one day he started giving us advice and was immediately willing to help in any way possible. He even called an immigration officer, who's his friend, to help us out. It's amazing how easy it was to talk to him. Why?

Because he was a good and positive person. Because we were willing to listen and wait for him. And because people like him like to help. He gave us much hope for our future. He even said as he looked at us that we're two nice guys who will succeed if just we'll be as nice as we were that time. (Well, he also said we'll get married one day and that he sees it in our body language - I know, this probably doesn't mean to you anything, but to me it meant a LOT.)
He gave us a ride with his car to the place where this immigration office was. Even though the office was closed we were so happy to have met him. He just gave us energy, hope and made us believe again that with a smile or two people can change things and break barriers between people.

Few days ago he called me again. He gave me some more advices how to talk to people when looking for jobs. But yet again he filled me up with hope and joy. Sometimes there are people in your life who come and go, but these few moments that you spend with them can make your life worth living.

With this attitude I continue my journey to Hollywood. It's a great place. And whatever happens, I will be happy. Let's play against the odds and see what happens. Just remember, David and you all, the most important person in life can be just around the corner.

Sometimes I have to remind myself about that too. But I will not forget this guy.

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