Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This Wednesday was just a typical day at work. I'm a delivery guy. I don't do important stuff, all I do is deliver messages. Sometimes important papers, but never it's me who they want to see. Every time it's just "thank you and good bye", then again I go take another delivery.

I got a strange address today. I've never been there before, yet never heard of the place. It was already dark, I could have finished my work an hour ago, but it's again me who never knows how to say "no" and always works more than others. But when I got to the place I stopped being angry and disliking my job - the atmosphere definitely grabbed my attention. There were strange statues all across the wall of the building, I think I head some distant howling and it was like I came to give some strange package to the lord ruling this mansion. In my hands - there was just some ordinary envelope. Probably my imagination got a little bit too wild.

I ringed, I knocked. No answer. I opened the door and stepped in. In the big hall where I stood there were hundreds of paintings, big staircase leading endlessly somewhere up and some chatter coming from behind the closest door in the hall. I went to the door and at the same moment the doors opened. Out of the room came a woman who was happy to see me, since they expected my delivery. I gave it to her, but there in the back I saw something that grabbed my attention. "Yes, yes, no problem" I said to the woman taking my envelope, but I couldn't get my eyes off a girl that smiled at me from the room.
Her dark eyes were so deep even the shiniest emeralds would get lost in them.
A smile words can not describe.
And that sweet look of her that gave me seconds of attention, before the woman at the door told me that they are most happy that I brought them the delivery.

She closed the door. I walked back to the entrance of the big house and at the top of the house I spotted a big statue, it was like a big monkey, but nonetheless it wasn't that interesting. Anyways it gave me a reason to go back to that room to ... maybe talk for a while and maybe ask that girl from back what her name was.

I didn't do it.
I'm driving back home now.
And she remains nameless.


Anonymous said...

I could feel the deep of her dark eyes ... You'll see her again when you are ready.

David Sipoš said...

I hope so.