Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Cloud

Her fingers slowly slid down my back. Every cell under her gentle fingers sent a signal of pleasure to my brains. I looked her into eyes and closed mine. I felt her in my embrace, breathing, touching with every part of my body. "You can touch me anywhere", she whispered. Her breasts were soft and free without a shirt. Her hot perfect body lay on the bed just for me. Kissing the skin and going down, down all to her pink pants. The perfect night, the feeling that raised my spirits up, high above the clouds. Our bed was a cloud where the love of two bodies took place silently, with eyes just for one another.
I woke up and looked at her. She slept under my arms and the sun shone on her face. Blond hair were like sun rays shining back at me. I remembered that moment, for I knew next night I'll spend alone. And so I did.

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