Saturday, September 10, 2011

Broken Boundary (2011)

Reconciliation. That's the word buzzing me for the past year.

I dreamt about her again. As if she was walking on my mind without me actually wanting it. But this time it was different. It felt like she completed the chapter.

I was standing at some airport. It was totally crowded and I could hardly see the big screens with planes landing and departing. Plane 7HX was mine. "Landed". Why did I read the screens when I was already at my destination with a big bag besides me? I dunno. I was waiting, yes. I waited for her to come pick me up. I came to visit her again, just to say goodbye. Thousand kilometres just for that - I must have been crazy about her! As I observed the people I saw a girl getting through the crowd towards me. It was her. I saw her wavy dark hair and a big smile. She was yelling at someone behind her that it's me and that she'll run forward to meet me. I stood there, excited, looking at the most beautiful creature on Earth.

I woke up. My heart was pounding so hard out of excitement, feeling happy. But dreams didn't stop. Awake I stared at the ceiling and saw the second part.

She was standing in front of me. We didn't say a word. We were still at the airport, but the feeling was different. As I previously felt excitement that I'm meeting her again, now I felt that I'm just saying goodbye. We stared into each other's eyes. And it was as if she was saying something.

As if she was saying thanks, goodbye and I won't forget you at the same time.
And maybe she really was.


This is my first short film shot completely on Panasonic AG-AF101. It turned out to be amazing camcorder and I feel like I made a good invetement into that camera. It will serve me well many years in the future.

Film was shot completely in one day in Johe near Maribor and Ptuj. Thanks to amazing cast and crew who helped with the film, to Tim, Jan, Matic, Gaja and my caring family. Great big thanks also to the amazing cast.

It was actually a project for Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, but not this version with original music by Tim Žibrat and original songs by MarshAlles and Coffee & Milk.

Since one of the main "actors" in this short is also my old Volkswagen Transporter T3, I have to tell that at that time we shot the movie it didn't have any driving permissions and after whole day of short periods of driving also didn't turn on so I had to call my dad to come with his car to use it's battery. Now the state of this van is quite different and has already passed the test of 8000 kilometres on eurotrip this summer.

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