Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Was Not a Cow

Since I am a cow I don't experience much. Actually I'm a bull, but who cares, will you say. I walk up and down on this field and pass the same tree tens of times a day. Yesterday I was walking my same route again when I saw some interesting mushrooms under the tree. I thought to myself I shouldn't eat them, because that's not what bull eat - but what the heck, I thought, and ate them. I only remember ...

It felt like I'm not a bull anymore. Thousands of people were around me, sitting on the floor of a big hall, singing. Nobody took notice of me. They were as if they were hypnotized and didn't care for anything around them. Slowly I made a step forward among them and still nobody turned their head. I felt reassured to make another step. The moment I tried to move my leg, someone stood in front of me. "Sit down, you have to sit down, otherwise you mustn't be here", she whispered. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down. We sat in silence at first and then she started to sing with the others. I listened, then looked at her. She was beautiful. I started singing too and joined the crowd. We were singing and yet we were in another world from all the others. It felt strange and yet I liked it.

Next flash from yesterday that I remember is even stranger. I haven't seen it before, but it must have been a train station. There were five trains, stopped side by side. Their vigorous metal bodies shone in sunlight. In front of trains there were five women with flags, each facing one train to the front. Everything was so loud because of the people cheering and screaming behind the fence. "First race ever in fastest trains in the world!" was screaming the voice on the loudspeakers. People were trying to see more and some of them even climbed on the fence. I was in the middle of the crowd and yet I clearly saw everything around me. As if the people were transparent and real at the same time. She was standing with me there too. I remember the countdown, the start of the engines and smoke that came from them. Soon I couldn't see anything but her. Listening to the trains fading away and people cheering around - she kissed me.

Again I'm here, on a green field in the middle of France, chewing grass. And when I think of yesterday again I think to myself: maybe I was just high ...

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