Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

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Once upon a time there lived a dog named Evan. His life was perfect. A bone for a breakfast, a bone for a lunch and yet another one for the dinner. At home he had so many other friends with whom he could play with. Sometimes he liked to scare the chickens and run after cats, but that was all just for fun. He didn't want to hurt anyone.
Alfredo, his master, usually got home from work at six in the evening. Evan ran towards him and couldn't be happier at the moment. Sometimes Alfredo didn't pet him as he expected. He closed the doors of his cabinet and didn't come out until morning. Year after year Evan felt like his master is further and further away from him and didn't care at all what's happening with his dog.

One evening, when Evan was all sick and yet his master didn't even notice, Evan ran away. He ran and ran until he felt totally exhausted. It was a dark night, without moon or stars to light the still land around him. He had no other choice but to wait until the morning to see where he really is. Under the tree he lay and closed his eyes. "Where's real Alfredo? Who's that guy that doesn't know me anymore? The real one - he's dead". Hard to imagine, but Evan fell asleep with a dog-tear on his cheek.

An owl's hoot woke him up at midnight. He looked around and was scared for he has never been alone before. After a minute or so, when his eyes got used to the dark, he saw a small bright dot in the distance. He couldn't resist but to go towards it. Slowly, cautiously making every step he got closer and closer to the light. In front of a little wooden house he saw a small girl. There she stood in front of the door saying to someone inside the house: "Yes, I'll bring it to my grandma. I hope it saves her life". Something magically happened a moment after that - all around the house a burst of fire came out of nowhere and disappeared a second after that. The doors closed and little girl went away.

"What is this thing that can save lives? And what was that fire?", he questioned. Evan started to follow the little girl. He lurked at her from behind the trees. She had something really shiny in her hand so it wasn't hard to follow her. He wondered how comes she isn't scared to walk around in the dark, when even he is. Forest was dark and weird noises were coming from everywhere. Shiny little dot was always in front of his eyes. Suddenly he smelled something weird. It was attracting him so much he couldn't resist but to run. It was the direction little red riding hood was going to and so Evan came to an old house, windows lit with blue light and with that strange smell he couldn't resist.

It was the smell of death. When he got closer and closer to the house, his mind went crazy. It was like he was entering the house back at Alfredo's place. Alfredo, a master that seemed dead to Evan for the past few years, came into Evan's mind and he became furious as never before. "Alfredo! How dare you hide from me, how dare you not care for me!" Evan opened the door and enterend.

He can' remember exactly what happened afterwards. It was as if he didn't do anything and yet he did a great evil he's never thought of being capable of doing before. The smell of death made him feel powerful - "I'm the one who has to deal with it. And Alfredo is the one that I should ki..."

... the one He should save. But in his fury he did exactly the opposite. Was the little red riding hood bringing the light to this house so she could help? Of course she was. Was Evan trying to find a cure for his master, yet he did something he'd never do before? Yes.

Trying to fix something that isn't supposed to be fixed brings much more pain to both parties. Evan and Alfredo were close, but it happened, like it sometimes does in life, that their paths split. And not just Evan, also Alfredo felt alone. Evan was convinced that he'll fix the relationship with that magic this little girl had in her hand, but the smell of revenge attracted him more. It took the things over.

The story ends somehow. In the woods there's always someone who watches over the ones who want to do good. And a Guardian came to fight Evan who did things he couldn't even imagine before. Grandma was cured, little girl went home with the Guardian ... and Evan was defeated.

In his own defeat and quest for doing good

he lay, motionlessly.

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