Thursday, February 10, 2011

45 Minutes

This is a short correspondence between two souls that never met for the second time.

♂ It's almost three in the afternoon. Everything seems to be going according to a plan. I'll be just on time to see Her. She wrote me a message on Facebook to meet me at 3pm on the pier. She added a :blush: smiley at the end.
The sky is dark blue, but nobody has time to look at this magnificence of nature. At the end of the pier is a lamp. I'll go there.

♀ I hear a weird sound coming from the end of the bus. The bus just stopped. What's going on, what's happening? Minutes are passing and all information I'm getting is that we should wait. We've already been waiting for fifteen minutes and I'm getting late. Will he wait for me?

♂ I know, maybe I should have never expected her to show up. But I believe in her, I believe something must have gone wrong and she'll come any minute. At the horizon I saw big ships sailing away from the harbour. And the sky was blue.

♀ What is wrong with people, why can't I come to one destination without hassle! Another bus will come to pick us up. Great, just great, I'm half an hour late! He'll think I'm a joke, that I'm one of these girls that just look nice and joke around with guys like him. Wait, the bus is coming!

♂ The pier is empty. It's just me who's walking up and down around here. Everybody's driving home, nobody has time to stop and watch. At least they have somebody to drive to. I'm here, alone.

♀ I couldn't wait for the bus to stop near the pier. I watched the streets passing by through the window and my heart was anxious and worried at the same time. When I met him he made me laugh, I saw a sparkle in his eyes and since then I can't keep him out of my mind. I have to see him again, but God knows if he'll wait for me. These inconveniences probably ruined ...

♂ It's 45 minutes. She's not coming. She probably never meant to come. I'm a joke. Waiting here for what? Why would she care for me? But I remember every second ... I sat there. She sat close. I didn't want to look at her too much, I'd make her feel uncomfortable, but that mind of mine - it new I'm sitting next to a goddess. I felt her presence, I felt her beauty and even though I didn't look at her I knew she shines something extraordinary through all her presence. I hardly waited the moment I could talk to her but couldn't find it. At last the moment came. And we talked and talked until the life took us apart.
Today would be our second meeting.

I'm going.
She's not coming. She's a memory, just a memory.

I walked away from the pier.

♀ Wait, wait, please wait ... The pier. No! He's not there. Did he even come? How can I know, I'm too late. Maybe he never came. The sky. It's blue!

They both stood and looked at the pier from the distance. He stood with hands in his pocket, happy that he had a good first memory of her, but dissappointed that she's just a memory. Never being real. Never again. She, away from him, looking at the pier from the other side of the harbour, didn't see her. Her look was fixed at the pier. There ... he wasn't.

Although they shared the same view for few seconds, they never met again. They were close, but were never meant to meet for the second time. Sometimes it's just once. And once is sometimes enough.

Enough to cry.

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