Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Boat

Slow waves were gently touching the shore. Full moon was reflecting on the surface and somewhere in the distance lights from big ships were slowly blinking. A small boat was moving on the sea without stopping. Wooden paddles were disturbing the billow and all that was heard far across was the sound of splashing. The moon was bright. They were starring into each other's eyes. Dark brown eyes. And his greenish brown. They knew it could be their last gaze at each other. As they were coming closer and closer to the harbor, the realization of what their time together meant emerged from the depth of their minds. Silently they were moving on. She seemed happy and energetic, but deep inside she was shading most painful tears. He didn't feel sad. He thought he was on top of the world. In his mind he wasn't leaving her. For him - it was all just a beginning. A start of a big adventure. They'll have a future! But she knew. She knew it was the end.

As he oared he looked up and blinked. Millions and millions of tiny stars blinked back at him. It was a starry night in August - the time of meteor showers. But he didn't see any shooting star. Not one. He was wondering why. She exclaimed: "I can make a wish now". "You saw one?", he couldn't believe her. What was her wish that moment he couldn't imagine, but he hoped it would be ... that it would be ... Now, it doesn't matter what it would be. The moment was there, a star shone for her and who knows if her wish came true. Seconds were like hours. Time stopped for them. The continuous rhythm of paddles transformed into a background noise and all that existed for them ... was them. As he looked into her eyes ... he didn't see sadness. He saw the innocence, he saw the excitement and wonderment about the world; true beauty wasn't outside. It was hidden behind so many layers. But he could see it. And yet he missed the sadness that was even deeper behind the curtains of smile.

They arrived. And now I can say it was their last look at each other. She stood there. He stepped onto the bridge that led to the big ship. A smile. A wave. No kiss. Just a simple goodbye.

A very small bit of me died that day. But that's just what happens when people leave and go out of our lives. Still - I'm grateful for every second ... together. These moments were like shooting stars - they were there for a second, but now they are gone. All that is left is a memory.

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