Saturday, October 2, 2010

A story about a Piglet and a Penguin

In a world we all live in there are almost no possibilities that a penguin and a pig could meet. It's a rare chance for these creatures even to see each other (only now and then when little spoiled pigs sit on a sofa in a wealthy home and watch National Geographic). I know of a Piglet that met a Penguin once. And it's a story without an end. It's a wonderful friendship and maybe it will never end. But I'll tell You of the beginning and how it all started.

This Penguin was exceptional.
As the Piglet was too.

You know, Piglet used to travel around the universe a lot. He had a little "banana rocket" and tiny gas mask that got in handy when he landed on a planet without air. He never wanted to settle down and stay at one place - he had to buzz around, from planet to planet, exploring, seeing, living the way he thought is the best. In some distant galaxy he was sitting one evening with a friend, who said to him he just discovered an interesting planet, somewhere in Milky Way Galaxy, not especially big, but quite beautiful one. Plus it would take him just one banana of fuel to get there. Friend showed him a video of a planet and it looked most extraordinary - patches of blue and green had little dots of pure white over them ... and they slowly moved.

Piglet looked at a friend and exclaimed: "I have to go there!"

"It's so boooooring, this Antarctica!", always repeated Penguin. As a matter of fact, it really was. Hundreds and hundreds of little birds that can't fly, lay eggs and travel around the whole continent just to gather food to survive the coldest winters on Earth. Our little heroine, Penguin, decided she'll run away. She went to tell about that to her friend in a pub "At Andromeda's Star", a very popular place for penguins, but she wasn't there. Penguin went to stand by the white shore and looked at the horizon to spot a ship that would take her away. But then she heard honking from behind of her. She turned around and saw a bus with a sign "France Express". "That's it, I'm going to France", she exclaimed.

It was hot summer in France. Paris was full of crazy drivers and the sound of millions of little Eiffel tower souvenirs was heard far around.

She was sitting in a park, drinking ginger beer (I honestly don't know where she got it from), looking at people walking by, laughing, hugging and kissing in summer afternoon. She was spending her fifth day here in Paris and was having the time of her life. Out of a sudden She heard a strange sound. The sky turned yellowish and the trees around her started to dance in wind. She looked up and saw few bananas coming down right onto her. "What's that?!?", she cried as loud as she could, scared. A little worm looked out of the ground and replied to her "It's bananas, you crazy bird". When bananas slowly descended from the sky She started to see a little pink creature on top of them - with a gas mask! Piglet stepped down from the "rocket" and fell on his nose, because He was totally exhausted from long journey. Penguin ran to him and was quite worried. Piglet put down his gas mask and breathed.

"Are You okay?"
- "Oh yes, I'm fine ... this planet has much stronger gravitation that I thought ..."
"Where are You from?"
- "Oh, You wouldn't know it ..."
"Try me!"
- "Andromeda."
"Of course I know it, I used to go there every day!"
He smiled.

He found a friend at the moment he landed on Earth. She gave him a little bit of ginger beer and he felt better after a while. He gave her one banana, risking of not having enough fuel to get back home, but He was happy to share it with Her. And so they sat there on a bench, not talking just looking at each other.

If I ask them now about their first moments together they remember them to the last detail. He remembers how gently She was moving her body when He first saw her. He remembers her lovely beak, her beautiful black and white fur and how She stopped her look on him when He fell from the sky and was all dusty lying on the ground. Her memory is even better. She can quote their conversations to the last word correctly. And She can remember Him sitting on a bench, looking so lovely when he was studying notes in his little black book where he kept His dearest memories. She remembers how He talked crazy things when they traveled with tram around the city and how they said for the first time "I like You" ...

- - - -

Paris is a big city. And in big cities there are more possibilities to rain than in small ones. One day it rained. The streets were wet and people had funny things holding in their hands (they say they call them umbrellas).
Piglet and Penguin were walking the streets of Paris when the rain was falling down, squeezing each other's hand.

"You have to take care of me", She said one day.
- "I'll take care of You!"


Anonymous said...

Have Piglet visited Andromeda before and after he met Her?

David Sipoš said...

Before - He sure has, after - I don't know if he returned there. He probably was too much in love with Her to leave Her.