Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doug's disappointment

I took her hand. We were on a hill with a view of the city. It was early morning and smoke from the distant chimneys was already making a sunrise hardly visible.
Few months ago a big pandemic flu killed most of Earth's population. It all started so fast. We were watching TV at home and the speaker announced breaking news that we should all beware the new flu, for there are already many victims all around the world. We thought it's nothing that scary and on the same evening I even went out with my girl. We went to her place, I prepared a dinner and we had a pleasant evening. Just before we went to bed I heard TV reporter's voice „[...] I'm repeating again. You should stay inside and have all the windows closed for it seems that the virus is spreading also through the air [...]“ Somehow we survived and at the same time that was the night we made a baby.
While we were looking at the waking city I asked her whether she already told the parents about her being pregnant. Sun finally rose up from the clouds of smoke and was shining directly into our faces. When I turned to her I could hardly see her face for it was so bright, but I could see there was no smile nor hope in her eyes. „I won't, Doug. I won't tell them“, she said. I was surprised for I didn't expect such an answer. I leaned to her but felt no warmth whatsoever; I said: „How do you think we'll manage to have that kid without help of your parents? Mine are dead, yours are the only ones left who could help us raise our child.“ „There is no our child! There was, Doug. I didn't tell you yet, but you have to know that I don't want a child at that age. It was a mistake. And doctors helped me take care of that mistake.“ I couldn't see her anymore for there were tears all over my eyes and she got lost from my view.
I couldn't see her anymore, couldn't stand her. Nor did I see any hope for the future. I never came back to that place to see how city gets it's morning light. I didn't even try to find her and somehow I realized that the day we made a baby, it was already dead with all the others that died of that flu this night.

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