Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Absurdly short story

Once, there was a piglet named Johnann von Klinkerhofen. He lived in a small hobbit hole with a little lazy rat and they spent every afternoon together smoking pipe. But there came a day that Johnann decided he'll go check out the new wizard that came to the village instead of having a good time with rat. He came to the wizard and before he could say „Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänskajüten- 
türklinke“ wizard turned him into a rat. When Johnann, now a rat, came home he smelled something delicious. It smelled better than anything else he had ever smelled before. He peeked his nose into the kitchen to see what was it and then he saw Bilbo, the hobbit, roasting his friend rat over the oven. Johnann was almost overcome by the smell and was tempted to steal a bit of that delicious meat, but then he remembered he's also a rat. He tried to run away, but for he was a rat he suddenly felt so lazy he simply hid under the table. He'll probably be on Bilbo's menu tomorrow.

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