Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A boy and a girl

A boy sits in a church. He thinks he's waiting for her in vain. But she comes. She sits just by him and the mass starts.
He likes her. He can't concentrate on the mass at all and is constantly thinking what to say to her after the mass. It finally ends and she doesn't just leave. She seems like she's waiting, quietly. He repeats the sentence again in his head before he'd say it aloud to her: "I don't know what is that feeling and I don't know why I am feeling this, but my heart starts pounding every time I see you."
He breathes in, somehow startled of anticipation, makes an eye-contact with her but removes his sight almost instantly. He starts talking: "I don't know what is ...".
She interrupts: "I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" He turns to her: "I'm saying that I don't know what is ...".
Church bell starts ringing so loud that his words get lost in the noise and all he gets from her whilst talking to her is weird look. When the church bell stops making noise he tries to tell her whole thing again.
But right at this moment another boy comes by, distracts her and all he remembers from that moment on is that he never even said goodbye. She left. With him. And he was left alone. Again.

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